Satsunaigawa Camping Site is located in Nakasatsunai, Tokachi, Hokkaido.
Situated within Hidaka Mountains Erimo Quasi-National Park,
the camping site is surrounded by the great nature of Hidaka Mountains,
and inside the site flows a river which has been selected as the cleanest river in Japan.

Ranging from tent and campervan camping to bungalow and trailer house stays to playing
tennis, fishing, and hiking, Satsunaigawa Camping Site offers many fun outdoor activities.

The 10m waterfall Pyotan Falls is also a popular spot for nature loving tourists.


Pyotan Falls

The symbol of the camping site. This 10m waterfall supplied with Satsunai River is a popular spot for nature loving campers. Feel relaxed by the negative ions given off by the waterfall and natural forest. bird

Hidaka Mountains Information Center
Hidaka Mountains Information Center
Hidaka Mountains Information Center

Hidaka Mountains
Information Center

Central building of the camping site. Please come to this building for the camping and facility use reception. There is also a gallery where you can learn about the nature of Hidaka Mountains. We have experienced mountain guides, so please feel free to come to the reception desk and ask them about the mountains and wild animals. 鳥

Convenient facilities for camping are located here♪

  • ・2 shower rooms (100 yen / 20 mins)
  • ・Bathroom
  • ・Restaurant & Rest lounge (Irregular open hours for the restaurant. Please look at the event information.)
  • ・Souvenir shop (meat for BBQ, soft drinks, chopsticks, paper plates and cups, etc)
※Reception for all the camping site use has become mandatory from 2020. Staying without cheking in reception is prohibited.
Trailer House  3 Trailers Available
Trailer House  3 Trailers Available
Trailer House  3 Trailers Available

Trailer House 3 Trailers Available

Stay in our new Snow Peak trailer house! This spacious trailer house blends beautifully with nature and you will surely have a relaxing and special time. Sleeping bags included. 鳥

Recommended for people who…

  • ・want to have a unique experience
  • ・want to enjoy the scent of cypress trees
  • ・want to feel blended in with nature
  • ・want to try camping but don’t feel like staying in a tent
  • ・want to stay in a different place than a normal bungalow
  • ・love camping
※You can rent camping geer and kitchen goods at the receprtion.
※Kitchen and bathroom is not equipped inside. Please use common-facilities.
費用 10,000円/泊
定員 1~4名様まで

Empty-Handed Camping
3 tents Available

This plan includes everything you need for camping! The tent will be set up by our staff in advance and be ready for you. In addition to the site fees, the price includes the tent, sleeping bags, table and chairs, lantern, and a BBQ grill.

Recommended for people who…

  • ・want to try camping
  • ・don’t want to set up and put away a tent
  • ・want to stay in a different tent than usual
  • ・love camping
※Please bring groceries by your own. For charcoal for BBQ, you can purchase at the reception.
費用 10,000円/泊
定員 1~4名様まで
Bungalow 3 Bungalows Available
Bungalow 3 Bungalows Available
Bungalow 3 Bungalows Available

Bungalow 3 Bungalows Available

Great for a large group of people. Enjoy your stay in this simple and spacious bungalow.Room facilities: lights, electrical outlets (Please do not use for electric heaters and other high voltage appliances.)
Outdoor facilities: furnace, table

Recommended for people who…

  • ・want to stay with a large family or a group of people
  • ・want to enjoy your stay in a simple mountain lodge
  • ・want to stay in the same room with everyone
  • ・love camping and nature
※Kitchen and bathroom is not equipped inside. Please use common-facilities.
※No sleeping bags included. Please bring your own or rent at the reception.
定員 1~10名様まで
費用 5,000円/泊
Free Camping Site
Free Camping Site
Free Camping Site

Free Camping Site

Set up your tent anywhere you want. This vast site allows you to enjoy camping without worrying about the distance to the tent next to you. It feels especially nice and cool along the river and it is a popular spot.
Shared facilities: outdoor kitchen, toilets, campfire circle 鳥

Recommended for people who…

  • ・want to spend a laid back time
  • ・love being in nature
  • ・want to enjoy camping by a river

Other Prices & Facilities

Equipment Rentals PDF
Equipment Rentals

We rent out tarps, chairs, lanterns, and other convenient equipment for camping.

Shop PDF

At the reception desk, you can purchase firewood, charcoal, mosquito repellent coils, paper plates and cups, toothbrushes, meat, drinks, etc.

Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts

Refresh your mind and body playing tennis in nature!
2 rackets & 2 balls: 150 yen
1 court: 500 yen / 1hour (2 courts equipped)

Training sessions
Training sessions

If you would like to hold a training session or a workshop, please contact us via email, etc.
Price: to be discussed

Bike Rentals
Bike Rentals

Cycle through the nature!Price: free

Basic Information

Address 713 Minamisatsunai Nakasatsunai-mura Kasai-gun Hokkaido 089-1374, Japan
Contact Number 0155-69-4378 (Hidaka Mountains Information Center)
Information Open Hours 8:00am to 5:00pm
Payments Cash only. We do not accept credit card or any other cashless payments.
Trash We take your trash with a fee.
Pets Allowed (No pets allowed inside the bungalows and trailer houses)
Free Wi-fi Available (Only at Hidaka Mountains Information Center)
Showers 2 shower rooms available at Hidaka Mountains Information Center. 100 yen / 20 minutes


Fun activities in the nature of Hidaka Mountain range!!
A camping site where everyone can enj

Pizza Making Experience

Pizza Making Experience

Fun outdoor pizza making experience. Let’s shape pizza dough made with 100% Tokachi wheat, put on cheese and toppings made in Nakasatsunai, and bake it in a kiln!
(Reservation required. For more information, please look at the event information.)

Tennis   500 yen / 1 hour for 1 court

Tennis 500 yen / 1 hour for 1 court

Why not refresh your mind and body playing tennis in nature? 2 hard courts equipped. Rackets and balls are available for rent, but we recommend bringing your own equipment since they are in old condition.
(Please contact us in advance if you wish to use the courts for a long period of time for training camps and other activities.

Fishing  Rod rentals: 100 yen / day  bait: 100 yen

Fishing Rod rentals: 100 yen / day bait: 100 yen

Enjoy river fishing at Satsunai River. You might be able to catch yamame trout if you are lucky!? Rod rentals are available at the reception desk. You can also purchase bait and beach sandals.

Bike Rentals Free

Bike Rentals Free

Bike rentals are available at the reception desk. Enjoy the ride through the nature of Hidaka Mountains!



Let’s enjoy hiking around the camping site♪ You can also go to Hyotan Lake. You might be able to meet wild animals! We provide the information on the hiking courses at the reception desk.



Let’s have fun playing in nature! You can play on slides, zip lines, and other fun equipments!

Nearby Tourist Information

icon Shopping


20 minute drive to downtown Nakasatsunai where you can go to a grocery store, drug store, home improvement store, convenient stores, and gas stations. At the Road Station Nakasatsunai and JA Nakasatsunai direct sales store, you can purchase fresh local vegetables.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Let’s relax in a hot spring after camping♪

Roadside Station Nakasatsunai

Roadside Station Nakasatsunai

Most popular roadside station in Tokachi. From freshly picked vegetables to Nakasatsunai’s popular fried chicken to souvenirs, you can find everything! Also recommended for a lunch place.

Tourist Spots

Rokka no Mori 20minutes

Rokka no Mori

A popular garden run by Rokkatei confectionery. Flowers will be in full bloom from spring to summer. You can also visit museums and enjoy art.

Address: 249-6, Nishi3sen, Tokiwanisi, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0155-68-4666
Nakasatsunai Art Village 20minutes

Nakasatsunai Art Village

Surrounded by lush green oak trees, Nakasatsunai Art Village is a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying art. Visit the museums and take a walk around the village.

Address: 249-6, higashi5sen, Sakae, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0155-68-3003
Satsunai River Dam 5minutes

Satsunai River Dam

Satsunai River Dam is popular for its beautiful surrounding nature. The dam is located at the midstream of Satsunai River which has been selected as the cleanest river in Japan. The dam supports the lives and agriculture of Tokachi. You can take a free tour around the facilities.

Address: 735-2, Minamisathunai, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0155-68-4666
Hanabatake Ranch 20minutes

Hanabatake Ranch

The ranch that became renowned with the raw caramel. Nowadays they have a reputation for cheese, and their raclette cheese cafe is a popular spot.

Address: 311-6, Higashi4sen, Motosathunai, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0120-929-187
Farm Restaurant Nojima House 25minutes

Farm Restaurant Nojima House

At this popular farm restaurant, you can enjoy the taste of vegetables that Mr. Nojima has grown with love. Hokkaido pork ginger steak is one of their popular dishes.

Address: Higashi1sen, Shinsei, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0155-67-2880
Tokachino Fromages 20minutes

Tokachino Fromages

Their camembert and raclette cheese made from high quality Nakasatsunai milk is everyone’s favorite. You can also enjoy their handmade gelato!

Address: 7-2, Nishi2jyou, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0155-63-5070


Can I access the campsite by public transport?

Public transport is not available. Please access the site by car or taxi.

Can I use credit card?

We are very sorry but we do not support credit card payments. We only accept cash.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservation is required for bungalows and trailer houses. Please make a reservation via inquiry form. If you are staying at the free campsite, reservation is not required

Can I park my campervan inside the site?

You can park your campervan in the free site. Reservation is not required, but please check in at the reception desk in Hidaka Mountains Center. Electrical outlets are not equipped at the free site.

How are the climate and temperatures?

Late April – May:
The temperature goes up during the daytime, but it gets cold at night. We recommend wearing warm clothes.

June – August:
There are days it gets hot during the daytime. However, please bring a jacket or a sweatshirt since it gets cold at night and early morning.

September – October:
The leaves change color and we have many pleasant days. It gets cold at night, so please bring a jacket or a coat.

Are there any places nearby where I can buy food?

You can go to a grocery store and 24 hour open convenient stores in downtown Nakasatsunai. About 20 minutes by car from the campsite.


Address: Minamisatsunai 713 Village Nakasatsunai Kasai-gun Hokkaido, 089-1374, Japan 25 minute-drive from Obihiro-Hiroo Expressway Nakasatsunai Interchange (23km) / 35 minute-drive from Obihiro Airport (30km) / 60 minute-drive from Obihiro Station (52km) / 160 minute-drive from New Chitose Airport (200km)